Saturday, March 24, 2012

Benjo's Laces

I was on my way to the park the other day and obviously I chose to walk up Newbury St. to get there. Stopping at many windows, Allen Edmonds was the only one to draw me inside. I could spot colorful laces on one of the shelves inside and I just had to take a peek. As  it turned out, they were Benjo's laces! Before that day I thought you could only buy them online. Since I was in the store, I decided to pick out a few pairs and found it difficult to decide on colors (if you follow me on Instagram, you saw all the colors I had to choose from!) I knew the blue laces would be perfect for my tan suede shoes and loved the red for my brown wingtip oxfords. I got the purple too, but I'm not sure which pair I'll put them on... possibly my plain brown lace-ups. 

Check them out below!

If you're in Boston, please check out the Allen Edmonds shop on Newbury St. or go to for a complete selection.

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