Monday, March 5, 2012

Boots and... Boy?

These boots were probably the best purchase I made this fall because I got way more use out of them than I ever thought I would! This time I wore them with jeans and a yellow sweater with a green leather jacket. I have a love/hate relationship with this sweater because wearing a shirt under it rarely looks right, so I found it perfect for this oddly warm weather we're having. That and the jacket was the perfect pairing for the day.... and its not often I get that right!

Jacket: Deisel 
Sweater: Gap 
Suede Belt: Coach 
Jeans: Gap 
Boots: Coach 
Tote: Coach

This wool tote has been my bestie this fall/winter. I think I carried it for three months straight without switching to another (probably a record breaker.) I bought the same one in canvas for the summer and loved it so much I got the wool one for winter. I think long handles on a bag look silly, so the short drop on these really suit me. It also has ample pockets and space for things that I am convinced I need to carry around with me!

Photos By: E. Rivas

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