Monday, May 21, 2012

Pastel Moment

Ok, I'm having a moment here... This is pastel trend my way. I was feeling a little washed out so I put on a bunch of black to break it up, and took my cobalt man-clutch (which I am currently obsessed with) for some BAM action. 

The story on the shorts: 
They started out as J. Crew pants that were a little too loose in the leg for my taste so I cut them off, as I do with most of my old pants. I had seen this designer jacket splattered with multi-colored paint that I could not afford so I was inspired to do it my own way. When I was painting my bedroom a fresh white, I turned my cut-offs into painter's shorts. Love

Sweater: Gap
Shirt: J. Crew
Belt: Gucci
Shorts: DIY
Shoes: Coach
Bracelets: Hermes, Coach
Watch: Coach

Photos by E. Rivas

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