Thursday, May 31, 2012

Versace: S12

Let's take another look at Versace Spring 2012... I will say first that the wide ties, loose pants, and beefed up shoulders are so not my style, but here are my three take-aways from the show.

Color under Neutrals: Most of the time we see color executed in two ways; (1) Pop-of-Color add-on's with shoes and accessories and (2) full on color blocking. This is a new way to do color! Having a bright shirt peeking out of a blazer or sweater is a subtle and unexpected way of adding a neon to your look, especially if you're not ready for the extreme. 

Pink and Red: I am surprised at how much I enjoy these two together. If you asked me before, I would have said it reminds me of Valentine's Day but if the shade of pink is "HOT,"  it's a love.

Details: Buckles for everyone, everywhere! Hopefully you don't need to use them to get your pants on and off!
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