Thursday, June 28, 2012

Burberry: Spring 2013

Burberry is always one of the shows I look forward to most come Men's Fashion Week, which is why I'm posting it first for my spring runway posts. I have to say, the show didn't wow me this season like it has in the past but there are some pieces that I love. There are two major themes here:

I was a little shocked, (not in a good way) but maybe I just need some time to warm up  to a tin-foil trench. I do prefer the look in a more subtle way, such as  a metallic silk shirt to update the suit. I'll be interested to come back to these images in a few weeks and see how I'm feeling about it then. 

Scarf Print
This reminds me very much of Prada. I am loving how the print updates classic shapes like the trench and the bomber. The colors are really great (a relief from all the brights) and the mix of patterns/colors in the styling is fresh. Two favorite things going on here: the silk tunic under a thinker coat and the printed bomber in burgundy I have starred in the corner.

You all can look forward to more Spring 2013 on here every thursday.

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