Friday, November 2, 2012

DSquared2 Spring 2013

I've clicked through this show  few times since it was put online because it is really one of my favorites for the coming spring season. The black, white, and denim look has always kind of stood out for me - and it is very Dsquared. It's interesting to see the variation too, from dressy to casual.

There are so many cool elements to this show. The accents of pink are unexpected in a collection like this - the leopard detailing is another cool thing. Jewelry, especially necklaces are piled on top of each other to give much more statement, even the brooches are pinned in groups. It looks like the black jewelry is powder coated to provide a matte look - the small lacey quality is a cool contrast to the arm/wrist bands. Clunky footwear is everywhere in the show, with heavy soled lace-up styles, combat-style wingtip boots, and hightop sneakers with large metal plates in silver and gold. I have a DIY project that I am about to start working on that is inspired by this show which I will provide a sneak peek to tomorrow.

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