Thursday, November 7, 2013

CROOTA Review + 15% Discount Inside

Underwear is the first thing we put on everyday, before we put on the rest of our clothes and venture out into the world. Even though the majority of the people we come into contact with throughout the day will never see what we're wearing underneath our clothes, I still think it's very important. It kind of sets the tone for the day - so shouldn't we start the day off right? Of course comfort is an important quality in an under garment but certainly not the only one. There's more to consider. I got a chance to try out some new styles from Croota, an Australian brand. (Australians seem to know a lot about underwear!) 

The first two I tried are part of the Tartan Forever line. I wanted to try them right away because I love the colorful prints and they turned out to be the most comfortable too. They stayed in place all day and I kind of forgot I had them on during the day. That says a lot - there's nothing worse than having to readjust migrating underwear all day long!

All Photos from Croota

Next, I tried the 45 Degree boxer brief which I didn't find to be as comfortable. There is a seam running up the backside (which I think is to give more shape) but it felt like having a wedgie all day that I couldn't relieve. They definitely look great on but I wouldn't want to sacrifice that much comfort for a day at work. They are better for shorter time periods. Overall, I was really impressed with the brand. The materials and quality of construction are impressive, and they don't use itchy tags on the band. They offer a large amount of designs unique from other brands and they are all quite colorful and fun. 

Check out their website (Here) and use discount code CRT15TT to get 15% off your entire purchase until November 30, 2013. Standard shipping is free on all orders.

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